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Candice Lauren is an emerging singer/songwriter from Tennessee with a powerful new spin on the enduring traditions of the R&B genre. She canembodies the convergence of modern soul and urban pop, while delivering a brazen approach to the honored sentiments of her predecessors. She is confident, heartfelt and un-apologetic; vocally smooth and introspectively gritty. Her warm and effortlessly robust vocal range carries her artfully crafted lyrical testimonies about love, honesty, relationships, and disappointment straight to the heart.

In her most recent single, "Next Time", Candice blends original songwriting, melodic gestures, vintage soul vibes, and modern R&B beats for a radio-friendly, but emotionally raw reality check. She is currently working with a few of the industry's top producers and songwriters to intuitively evolve her signature sound as she aims for an upcoming album release. Candice also travels frequently, determined to connect with fans across a variety of venues. During a two-year stint in New York City she performed voraciously, making memorable appearances at Toshi's Living Room, Birdland, New Word Stage, The West End Lounge, Taj and Joe's Pub. In her hometown of Tennessee, she performs full-time, and graces three different soul bands with her lead vocal talent.

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